This Is Bernie's Story!

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  • Bernie does NOT have a problem with minority support. That Bernie has a problem with minority voters, is a common smear from corporate Democrats and Medias. But this is completely false. Not only does Bernie have overwhelming support from young black and other minorities voters, but he also has very high favorable ratings from almost every Demographics except Republicans and older generations.  Here is a recent poll by Gallup.

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Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Bernie Sander's campaign in any way. It is my personal belief that Bernie Sanders is one of the most consistent, honest and compassionate politicians we had in modern history. By building this site, I hope people can easily fact check some of his policies, and keep up with current events, as well as expose the media bias against him. If there is any mistake in any of my postings or if you have any suggestions, please do contact me at, or leave any comments under my blog section, I will be sure double check the source and change any necessary false information.  In addition, I got permission to reuse some of the writing from, another great site to get more in-depth policies about Bernie. Make sure you check it out! 

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