Bernie Sanders' Vision on  Education

College Tuition: All public colleges and universities should be tuition free.

Early Childhood Education: We need high-quality, affordable early childhood education.

Educators: Colleges and universities should hire more faculty and increase their percentage of tenured and tenure-track professors.

Financial Aid: Students should not have to reapply for financial aid every year.

K-12 Education: No Child Left Behind should be seriously overhauled.

Student Loans: Student loan interest rates should be heavily reduced.

Work Study: Colleges and universities should expand work-study programs to include all interested students.

Dreamers: Children brought into America undocumented at a young age need to be given a fair and attainable opportunity to remain in the U.S., get an education, and contribute to the economy.

Free College Tuition

This issue in the US is like healthcare debate. Many people believe we cannot afford this, yet we continue pumping billions of dollars into military spending or give billions of tax breaks to big corporations.  If our government actually can balance our budget, it is not impossible. In fact, since Bernie came out with his "radical" tuition free for college plan, New York State became the first and only state to offer free four-year public college through the Excelsior Scholarship program in 2017.  While San Francisco became the first city to offer free community college tuition for all residents. 

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Here is a list of countries already offering free college tuition, some even offer free tuition to foreigners.


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