Jimmy Dore is my most favorite show to release my frustration against the current media. Though he is categorized as a comedian, he talks about more truth than any major media I have known. He sometimes can seem to be a bit too emotional but is absolute unbiased, even critical on Bernie Sanders from time to time. I just love how he breaks down all the major media's lies and propaganda.

He has a weekly podcast on TuneIn

or check him out on YouTube

The Young Turks are pretty much the go-to source for independent reporting these days.  It is amazing to see how far they came from, now they can hold their own against major networks such as CNN and MSNBC. We need to keep supporting them, maybe one day this country can finally abandon the corporate media.  

You can find them on YouTube for their daily reporting.

Kim Iversen is fairly new on progressive reporting on YouTube. I only found about her recently, but I really like her style of supporting. She's actually has a professional radio show, so her voice and style are very polished. Her videos usually expose the biased smear by major media on progressive agendas. 

Check her out on YouTubue

The Humanist Report really kicked off after Bernie awaken millions of Americans. Mike Figueredo is super intelligent, he focuses on sociopolitical and religious news stories that are supplemented with progressive commentary.

Check him out on YouTube

Democracy Now! is an independent, global weekday news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. The show is broadcast on nearly 1,400 TV, radio and Internet stations. Stream the show live Monday through Friday at 8 AM ET

You can find them on YouTube

or http://www.democracynow.org

David Dole from The Rational National is one of my top favorite for independent reporting on Youtube.  He often quick to expose the media's hypocrisy, but unlike some of the other political commentaries, he has a very soothing but professional demeanor, which is very convincing and rational.  

check him out on YouTube


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Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Bernie Sander's campaign in any way. It is my personal belief that Bernie Sanders is one of the most consistent, honest and compassionate politicians we had in modern history. By building this site, I hope people can easily fact check some of his policies, and keep up with current events, as well as expose the media bias against him. If there is any mistake in any of my postings or if you have any suggestions, please do contact me at orange775@outlook.com, or leave any comments under my blog section, I will be sure double check the source and change any necessary false information.  In addition, I got permission to reuse some of the writing from feelthebern.org, another great site to get more in-depth policies about Bernie. Make sure you check it out! 

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