Bernie Sanders Records and policy on LGBT rights.

Unlike most of the traditional politicians, Bernie Sander has always talked the talk and walk the walk for everything he believed in. So it is easy to find actual records showing he was a strong supporter of LGBT rights. Here is some of that evidence.


Bernie Sanders has been an ally to the LGBT Community long before it became mainstream. In 1983, when he was elected as mayor of Burlington, VT, he supported the city's first ever gay pride march. 

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Amendment in 1993

This bill was introduced to discharge military members for being homosexual, which Bernie Sanders voted against along with the minority of the Congress.  This Bill resulted in 13,000 plus military members being discharged due to their sexual orientation.


Here is raw footage of Bernie standing up for gay rights at a time where the politicians were using terms such as homo in public. 




Defense of Marriage Act in 1996

Which defined marriage as "a legal union between one man and one woman", and allowed states to refused to recognize a gay marriage performed elsewhere.  The bill was signed by President Clinton, along with the majority of Democrats. Bernie Sanders voted against the bill!

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Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2011

Bernie signed this bill in 2011, also co-sponsored the Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2013.

The bills mainly covered the following:

  • Prohibits public school students from being excluded from participating in, or subject to discrimination under, any federally-assisted educational program on the basis of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity or that of their associates.

  • Considers harassment to be a form of discrimination.

  • Prohibits retaliation against anyone for opposing conduct made unlawful under this Act.

  • Authorizes federal departments and agencies to enforce these prohibitions by cutting off the educational assistance of recipients found to be violating them.

  • Allows an aggrieved individual to assert a violation of this Act in a judicial proceeding and recover reasonable attorney's fees should they prevail.




In Vermont, Bernie Sanders supported the state's 2000 civil union law and the 2009 law legalizing gay marriage.

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Uniting American Families Act of 2013

Bernie Sanders Co-sponsored this bill, which amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to include a "permanent partner" within the scope of such Act. Defines a "permanent partner" as an individual 18 or older who:

(1) is in a committed, intimate relationship with another individual 18 or older in which both individuals intend a lifelong commitment;

(2) is financially interdependent with the other individual;

(3) is not married to, or in a permanent partnership with, anyone other than the individual;

(4) is unable to contract with the other individual a marriage cognizable under this Act;

(5) is not a first, second, or third-degree blood relation of the other individual.

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