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Americans must unplug from MSM!

If you are a passionate Bernie supporter, you must experienced some kind of name calling from these "party loyalists". Usually any time you show your support in public, these uninformed "Democrats" will call you "BernieBot", "BernieBro", or "Russian". It is quite sad to me personally, because I've always supported Democrat candidates since Al Gore. These so called "moderate" Democrats who hates Bernie disrupting the status quo act just like the Republicans we often criticized ourselves.

It is extremely frustrating feeling because these attacks are completely baseless. There is no more civil debate on issues, but just name calling. While they are attacking Bernie's supporters with these labels, they are doing nothing but repeating the same smear these so called media are putting out. In fact, from the past 3 years, most of the time when term like BernieBro being used is when someone trying to list actual facts to make a point, but the other person cannot debate on actual issues, so quickly use BernieBro as if that will dismiss all the facts. Honestly, I really thought the establishment Democrats and the corporate media have learned the listen from previous election. After all, they are constantly moaning about Trump, but it seems they yet understand what really gave them Trump.

I just wish people will start asking themselves, why would both left and right wing media want to smear Bernie? What are they so afraid of? If you can answer this question, then it is time to unplug the mainstream media.

Here is a recent article break down some of the current media smears against Bernie.

Liberals and Right-Wingers Launch “Bernie Smear Fest” 2019

Here is another video by Secular Talk, breaking down on CNN's douche-bag attacking on Bernie.

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