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HOW did Beto O'Rourke Raised $6.1 Million?

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

By now, everyone most likely heard about the breaking news, Beto O'Rourke broke the one-day fundraising record with the total amount of $6.1 Million. For those who are following the Democrat's 2020 primary race closely, are probably all wondering how the heck did he do it? Personally, I dislike being negative during the election season, but what makes me angrier is a dishonest and opportunistic politician. So let's break down Beto's $6.1 million one day donation.

Image from Beto's FB Page


Since this blog was written, Beto had again released another round of word games. His campaign reported this $6.1 million first day donation was made of 128,000 individual "contributions" Despite most of the mainstream media are trying to spin the donation as individual donors, Texas Tribune (SOURCE)has specifically reported it was 128,000 unique donations. If this is true, there is a huge difference between individual donations vs. individual donors. You can have 1,000 donors max out their individual donations of $2,700 by donating multiple times.

Again, no one can be sure how he really got his donation, because Beto still refused to release any details. This again makes people wonder if he being fully honest with these numbers? Why such secrecy?

The following video is Beto's own words. I think any politician's honesty should be questioned when using such carefully chosen word should be.



If one like Beto has raised such an astonishing number, why did he choose not to announce right away? Instead, when the reporter asked him about the number, he refused to answer. This is a guy who said the reason he is running "Man, I was born into it." Just look at his Vanity Fair Cover.

But four days later, he conveniently beat Sander's one-day fundraising by $200k. Does that make logical sense?


Yes, you read it right, Beto had a tracking meter during his first day of the announcement, but he only had $60,000 in the early few hours then they pull it down. You can check out this video, Niko House caught a screenshot of it (I personally cannot vet this any longer since it's not on Beto's website anymore.


Even if we can ignore the fact he announced on the 4th day, but we cannot ignore the fact it lacks details. Without any details, it is just a lack of proofs, and anyone can come up with a random number. Again, it just so happens his number was only $200k more than Bernie.

If you look at the rest of the candidates, almost everyone announces their numbers after 24 hours with details, and here are some of the numbers.

Bernie Sanders reported the day after his announcement - within 24 hours, combined donation of $6 million, with 225,000 individual donors, average about $27 SOURCE.

Kamala Harris reported $1.5 million donations within the first 24 hours from roughly 38,000 individual donors, an average about $49. SOURCE

Elizabeth Warren reported he raised about $299,000 within the first 24 hours, from roughly 8,000 individual donors, an average of about $37 per person. SOURCE

Even Warren who raised only $300k on the first day, she released the detail. But for someone supposedly just shattered all records, Beto doesn't want to share the details for this accomplishment? Does this make any sense? I can only think of the following:

A. number is fabricated (that's why it took four days for them to announce)

B. Including PAC money or donation funneled through donation bundler?

" Bundling campaign contributions is a common practice.

in American congressional and presidential elections. ...

A bundler is a person or small group of people who pool

or aggregates these contributions and then delivers them in

one lump sum to a political campaign."

Former Obama bundler reaching out to top Democratic Party donors to

gain support for Beto O'Rourke's 2020 candidacy.

C. Another theory is the roughly $4.5 million campaign fund was returned to Beto from the Texas Democrat Party.

D. he got most of his money from big donors, which means he is already bought.

As right now, no one can be sure, but FEC will be (or at least supposed to) release each candidate's campaign numbers in detail on 4/1/2019


First let's look at the facts, at this moment, according to RealClearPolitics.com (a site with data of all polling), Beto O'Rourke is pulling 6th places behind BOOKER!! (5th if you don't count Biden who hasn't announced).

Beto only averages 5.3% out of 21 polls!! Remember Warren just raised $300k? Warren is averaging 7.0%, while Sanders is averaging 22% (despite all media blackout or smear campaign against him). So you are telling me a guy polling with such dismal percentage, suddenly he raises $6.1 million? Does that make sense?

Now let's compare his social media following:

Facebook comparison, Betto only has 838k followers comparing Warren's 3.1 Million, yet he raised 20.3 times more money on the first day? I don't even need to point out how many followers Bernie has.

Twitter comparison: Again Both Warren and Bernie have substantial more followers than Beto.

Beside just social media followings, look at their live rallies or lack thereof.

These are real rallies in Iowa for Bernie

Bernie's first rally of 2020 in Brooklyn!

Beto's first public appearance after announcement

Look at the differences. Beto's first appearance was in a tiny bar no more than 50 people, almost 20 of them are reporters, and few others happen to work there. Compare that with Bernie's first rally in Brooklyn, or just those Iowa rallies. Can you honestly tell me this guy raised more money than Bernie while spending the day talking to 50 peoples in a bar?

Here is a real-life non-scientific test, I left a comment on Beto's OWN Facebook page on the day of his announcement asking "I'm curious to know who has donated to his campaign?" After four days, only one person has replied to my question. But because it has been four days, without the notification, I couldn't find my original post. So I re-posted similar questions on his own page.

Even on this day, after 13 hours, not even one reply. I know this isn't very scientific, but please give it a try under Sander's page, see what kind of result. Heck, give it a try under Harris or Warren's page. You can even try under Tulsi Gabbard, who isn't even appearing on most of the polls, see what kind of reaction you get from her supporters.


With the above evidence, how many donors do you think actually donated? We all know even Bernie has over $6 million of followers on FB, it is still a minimal amount of people that donated into his $5.9 million. It doesn't take a genius to give an estimated guess on the ratio of Beto's donor. (even though I did take a Mathematic Theory class back in college, which teaches you how to derive probabilities with very limited information.) So again, this either means something fishy about the donation, or most of his donors are BIG donors with special interests. As mentioned above, one technique is using campaign bundlers.


Besides all the obvious questions above, Beto seems to have quite a bit of character problems, that is also the reason why many do not trust this donation number. If you have anyone like Warren or Sanders releasing this kind of numbers, I don't think there will be these many doubters questioning them.

a. He repeatedly told the media he isn't going to run for president, no matter if he wins or loses to Ted Cruz. Especially when it was very close to the mid-term voting date. He said that to the camera without blinking an eye, but... you know what happened. But don't take my words for it, here is all the time he said he isn't going to run on TV.

He also backed out on many of the critical issues after he sold himself as some kind of progressive during the senate race.

He said he wants to fight climate change, yet he is second out of the top 20 in Congress taking money from the fossil fuel industry, only behind Ted Cruz.


Beto said he was for Medicare for all, and now he said that he is not so sure. (could it be he got funding from the establishment, so now he is trying to changing his tone?) SOURCE

I hope people can stay clear-headed and think about these questions that I'm raising here. In this country, we have already been suffering from these opportunistic politicians. We should judge all of the candidates based on their records, not superficial looks.

p.s. I want to give a special thanks to my Bernie friend Lara Convery, who inspired me to put up this list.


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